CEREC® ~ Crowns In A Day

With the CEREC system, we’ve shortened the process of getting a dental crown from three visits down to one visit. The entire process can be completed in one visit & many of the steps are done on the computer, making it more comfortable & convenient for the patient.

Traditional crown procedures can take several office visits to complete. The dentist prepares the tooth that needs the crown, makes an impression of your mouth, attaches a temporary crown, & then sends the mold away to a dental laboratory that will make the crown by hand. In a few weeks when the crown arrives from the lab, the dentist asks you to come back in to have the temporary crown removed & the permanent crown placed.

CEREC, which is short for ceramic restoration, uses the latest digital technology to create your crown. Using a 3D scanning camera, the dentist scans the location in your mouth where the crown will go. This means no biting down on sticky impression goop & no uncomfortable impression tray in your mouth that may cause gagging.

From this 3D scan of your mouth, the dentist uses a specialized computer assisted drawing (CAD) program to design a crown that matches the size, shape & color of your existing teeth. The ceramic crown is then manufactured right in the dental office in the CEREC machine, which is also a 3D milling machine. The completed custom crown is then placed in your mouth immediately.

The whole CEREC crown procedure usually takes less than an hour & crowns made using CEREC are just as durable, long-lasting & natural-looking as crowns made in a dental lab.

At the office of Dr. Nicholas Sowles we use the latest technology & finest materials to create porcelain crowns that offer superior fit, function & aesthetics. We will provide instructions for the care of your new dental restoration. As with natural teeth, proper oral hygiene, good eating habits & regular dental visits will help maintain the life of your new crowns.

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